Introducing - King Rah

L.V Trend: King Rah, welcome to the Las Vegas Trend brother. How are you?
King Rah: I'm Great, Thanks For Having Me

L.V Trend
: So where are you from?
King Rah: I'm Originally From Cincinnati, OH And Now I Live In Queens, But I Rep Both

L.V Trend: How would you describe your sound?
King Rah: My Sound Is Universal,  Complex, And Definitely Different From Whats Out Here Now. I Actually Pride Myself On Carving Out My Own Lane, And Walking To My Own Beat. I Have A Collective Approach To The Game, Coming From All Genres Of Music That I Listened To Growing Up And Transforming It To Something Fresh And New. Style Wise I Got That Midwest Swag with A New York Twist.

L.V Trend: Hip Hop music is global. Many people have different tastes and opinions on who’s the hottest in the game. Who’s your favorite Hip Hop artist right now?
King Rah: To Be Honest I Don't Really Have  A Favorite Cuz A lot Of These Artist Be Rapping The Same To Me. If I Had To Pick I Would Say Kendrick Lamar And J. Cole Stand Out To Me, Cuz They Dare To Be Different.

L.V Trend: If you could change anything about Hip Hop music today, what would it be?
King Rah: We Need More Realism And Less Artificial Flavor. I Feel like The Game Has Been Reduced To Just Booty Shaking Club Music And Who Got The Most Money, Or Followers. It's Not Really About Talent Anymore, Its About Who You Know, And How Much Of Yourself You Willing To Exploit. Don't Get Me Wrong I Like Making Club Bangers And Having Fun With It Too But We Need More Of A Balance Of The Make Believe And Whats Really Going On In These Streets. Cuz On The Real Side A lot Of People Across The Globe Is Struggling,  And That's Where Hip Hop Originated, And Changed Lives. We Need To Get Back To That

L.V Trend: When did you realize you had a talent for rapping?
King Rah: I Started Rapping At Like Fifteen And Didn't Really Start Taking It Serious Till My Early Twenties. Been Perfecting My Craft Ever since

L.V Trend: Many artist have successfully ventured into television and film, is that something you’d like to do?
King Rah: Oh Yeah! I Consider Myself A Triple Threat. I've Dabbled In Modeling And Always Had A Desire For Acting. I'm Into Anything Artistic And Creative Foreal, It's All About Self Expression.

L.V Trend: Your song “You are the One“ is featured on our Mayweather/Pacquiao promotional project. How did you come up with that one?
King Rah: Actually It's Called "You Da One" And I Figure Its Gone Be A lot Of Celebrating Going On Either Way, Vegas Gone Be Turnt Up! So I Figured I'll Do Something For The Ladies, Given All The Testosterone In The Air. Cuz I'm A Lover And A Fighter.

L.V Trend: Battle rap has become very successful lately, would you ever compete in that?
King Rah: I Haven't Really Thought About It, But I'm A Huge Fan. Who Knows Though If That Bridge Crosses My Path, I'll Be Open To It.

L.V Trend: Some artist don’t think lyrical content is important, it’s all about the music or the flow. Do you agree or are you more of the lyrical type?
King Rah: I Think All Those Elements Are Important In Different Variations Depending On The Content. It's All About Engaging Your Audience, Making Them Feel What You Feel, And As Artists, We Display That How We See Fit.

L.V Trend: So where do you see yourself in 5 years?
King Rah: I See Myself As A Mogal In The Game Five Years From Now. I'm Always In This Building Mode Until My Kingdom Come. It's More Than Music Now It's About My Brand.

L.V Trend: Do you have any advice for the youngsters out there pursuing a music career?
King Rah: First Off You Need A lot Of Patience And Faith, Cuz It Ain't Gone Happen Over Night. Ultimately Just Believe In Yourself And Stay Dedicated To Your Dreams, No Matter How Far Fetched They May Seem. Just Make Sure You Ready When That Time Comes To Make It Reality.

L.V Trend: Thanks for your time Rah. We wish you much success. Any shout outs?
King Rah: Once Again Thanks For Having Me And Big Shout Out To Royal Family Tied And M3! I'm Out