Introducing - Too Close For Missiles

L.V Trend - Welcome to the Las Vegas Trend guys, tell our readers your name & where you're from.
Karl - Karl. Sedgley UK
Dodge - Dodge. Birmingham UK

L.V Trend - What does Too Close For Missiles mean?
Dodge - it's has a double meaning I think..  it's the situation where two people that are so close, during a disagreement, even tho they could hurt one another they don't as seeing the other person in pain in turn hurts themselves.. Much like a fighter pilot in a dog fight getting damaged by the blast of an enemy exploding when you're 'too close for missiles'

L.V Trend - It's a great name, how did you come up with it?
Karl - a few names came out of the mixing bowl. When the song 'Switching to Guns' was being recorded the line Too close for missiles sounded like a great name.

L.V Trend - How would you describe your sound
Dodge - Unique with no rules I guess.. We just let it happen as it happens

L.V Trend - We love your song "Enough." Who wrote it?
Karl - All the songs are co written. I had a riff that Dodge liked. He tweaked it and I had a chorus idea. Dodge is a great lyricist and brings the vocal melody.

L.V Trend - Give us a little history on you guys...
Dodge - I met Karl around 10 years ago and he took me in to his home when I needed a hand. He's a top guy and it didn't take us long to start jamming and recording bits and pieces. The rest as they say is history.

L.V Trend - Tell us about your upcoming album
Dodge - it's really two good friends with similar influences having a blast. There are many styles and feels on the album. It's rock 'n' roll with a twist.

L.V Trend - Any tour plans in the future?
Karl - yes we plan to.

L.V Trend - Karl watching you play the drums in the Enough video shows us you're not new to this. How long have you been playing?
Karl - too long I think sometimes over 10 years.  I graduated from drummers collective in NYC

L.V Trend - Do you guys ever get nervous playing in front of a live audience?
Karl - There's a nervous energy that goes on before hand. It shows you care, you wanna give the show your

L.V Trend - What's the biggest crowd you've ever played in front of?
Karl - there's been a few very big shows and a show in front of two people. That was a humbling experience.

L.V Trend - Well we're looking forward to hearing a lot more from you guys! Where can our viewers find you on the net?
Karl -

Check out Too Close For Missiles debut video "Enough"