Introducing - The Shotz

Las Vegas Trend - Where did the name"The Shotz" come from?
MG - We were originally calling our selves HotShotz, and one day we were brainstorming about different names and The Shotz seemed to Ring loud, due to the fact that every person is working and striving for that one big break of blessing you know.  

Las Vegas Trend - Tell our viewers a little about yourself. Name, where you're from, etc.
MG - Marlon Green, Aka MGod Im from Now Rule New Rochelle N.Y. Home of the super group Brand Nubians. I grow up on Grand Puba, Sadat x, Lord Jamar, Stud Doggie, Alamo. The Gods had a heavy influence on my life. Seeing the brothers and watching them craft the skills from when I was a youngin made the hole thing real for me. It made it attainable for me in my mind. So ever since then I've strived to bring my vision to fruition.
KI - South Bronx Forest Projects and I also ran around the West Bx as Well Undercliff Ave.

Las Vegas Trend - How long have you guys been rapping?
MG -I've been Mcing since I was about 13 year's old. But ive been involved in music since i was in 3rd Grade.
KI - Forever as long as I can Remember.

Las Vegas Trend - Describe your sound...
MG - I would describe our sound as authentic Hip Hop, we make what I call Life Music. It's based upon the feeling & emotions the track evokes to our souls. Then I pour my heart out in between the blue lines on the white paper in hopes our words bring you back to a time & place that was happy & joyous.

Las Vegas Trend - Have you guys always been a group? How did you get together?
MG - We were both in seperate groups, and through the powers of the universe we ended up working at the same job. We work with the Misguided youth. The kids start talking about us amoungest them selves and that was it we linked up after that and we've been vibing ever since.

Las Vegas Trend - We downloaded your song "The Right Time," I'm feeling it. Do you feel it's the right time for the world to hear The Shotz?
MG -Absolutely because now is The Right Time, our sound is so different from what the norm is. Our tracks are full, we deal with vibes, our music is like some good cookin, You know like when you walk in the house and your mom is making that favorite dish.

Las Vegas Trend - What separates you from the other groups out there?
MG - We are Seasoned, something like an All Star Starter confident, the love of our craft. It's been a hard road and we made here and we get it in and we sure to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Las Vegas Trend - Do you think Hip Hop has lost its edge?
MG -Hip Hop has become a cash cow, but its all good because when it was created in the Streets of New York they said it was just noise. But look what our Creation has evolved in to, We are everywhere and guess what we are'nt going No where.

Las Vegas Trend - If you could do a song with anyone, who would it be and why?
MG - I would love to work with anyone that appreciates what the Shotz stand for Love of the music.
KI -We appreciate all Genres of music and anyone that professes true Artistry.

Las Vegas Trend - Some people have issues with rappers wearing the skinny jeans, even dresses. How do you feel about it?
MG - To each is own I'm not into that fashion statement. I came from the era of white papers, dutch masters, fontal leafs, we were smokin beef & broccoli, rockin saggie pants, but not down past our ass's if I can say that. We respected the Og's and what they said, women and children as well.
KI - I'm from that blackhood era and Chukka's (LOL)

Las Vegas Trend - Do you guys have anything new dropping soon?
MG - Yeah we're working on this Ep right about now, seeing that this seems to be the direction in which the industry has moved. At this point we are several song's in. But as any artist would tell you it's a work in progress.

Las Vegas Trend - Thanks for your time fellas, any shout outs?
MG -Yes sir the divine energy, Moms,Pops,Nieces,nephews,my Children Horyzon, Messiah, Matic, Rugg, Iquan, Stud Doggie,Wiz Op, Vance Wright, DL, Dk, MY Brother Black, Big Homie on the West Coast, Big Homie on the East coast, SL.GT, DR, GM, AB Wig Outs 4 Life & most of all Team 914 The Hole Now Rule City. Og Horse what up Jolo Rastafari the first Emperor's Life. Blessed Love Dizzy, Dmac, Lay Low, Mark Sparks Jay Pimp and my hole Down South Connection.
KI -My whole Family You Alredy. MoMs Rest In Peace BX Stand Up

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