Introducing - Adara Rae & the Homewreckers

Las Vegas Trend - Adara Rae & the Homewreckers, welcome to the Las Vegas Trend! First let’s get everyone's name.
Adara Rae - Lead Vocals/ Guitar
David Velasco - Bass
Seth Murzyn - Viola/ Lead Guitar/Saxophone
Casey Hadland - Drums

Las Vegas Trend - How long have you guys been together?
Adara Rae - I’ve been performing as a solo artist for almost 3 years now,  but this lineup of “Adara Rae & The Homewreckers” has been together for just over a year.

Las Vegas Trend - How would you describe your sound?
Seth Murzyn - Many of our fans give us a different answer when we ask them to describe our sound. We get a lot of pop/rock and indie. With me changing instruments many times in a set, I think it confuses people a lot. One song I’ll be playing a bluesy lick on guitar with a wah pedal, the next a sweet sounding viola line, and then come out with some poppy sax hits.. We’ve always liked the idea of just calling it “music” instead of trying to fit it into a box.
Adara Rae - I also think my vocals and my songwriting style is pretty distinct so that creates some continuity within the songs even when we are borrowing from many different genres.

Las Vegas Trend - We know you’ve toured promoting your music, how has that been? Has to be exciting.
Adara Rae - It’s been very exciting! We love waking up in a different city each day! Sometimes we’ll be reminiscing about something that happened on tour and we will legitimately wonder “wait, what city was that even in?!” It’s kind of cool that things start to all run together like that, some cities are definitely distinct, but overall people are the same everywhere and when we are playing to a crowd of people who are digging the music, it feels like we might as well be home! We also love meeting new people and making connections along the way. We are just in the beginning stages so there’s a lot of crashing on people’s couches going on, no penthouse suites for us just yet! It’s interesting though to be able to come into someone’s home, in a different city, with a different way of living, to just get a glimpse into their life for a day or two. You definitely learn a lot about people and life on the road.
Las Vegas Trend - They say being in a group/band on the road can be stressful at times. Do you guys get tired of each other sometimes? Tell the truth LOL!
Adara Rae - I think we’ve all rolled our eyes at each other once or twice lol. I can definitely attest to the fact that I can be the most sensitive one and possibly the meanest one at the same time, but as the only female among men for days on end could you really blame me! In all seriousness though, we all have a respect for one another musically and personally. We are like family, and family always comes with a little bit of loving eye rolls.

Las Vegas Trend - Do you guys write all of your own material?
Adara Rae - I write the songs, usually alone with the crappiest yamaha acoustic guitar I own in the comfort of my own bedroom. Once I feel like they are done I send a laughably low quality cell phone recording of the song to Seth and he’ll chart it out so we can show it to the rest of the guys at rehearsal. I’m really open to any ideas the guys have and a lot of the time they turn it into something I never saw coming and that’s amazing to me. Just as long as they don’t try to change my lyrics I’m all good!

Las Vegas Trend - The music business is a tough business, it has its ups and downs. How do you handle the craziness?
Adara Rae - It’s definitely stressful! But I’ve been extremely blessed to have worked with the people I have worked with and to have an amazingly supportive band by my side. I think any career has it’s ups and downs but surrounding yourself with people who will help you focus on the ups and brush off the downs is one of the most important factors in becoming successful.
Las Vegas Trend - We’ve watched footage of you on stage, you look so comfortable & at ease. Do you ever get nervous?
Adara Rae - Well I’m glad I fooled you! They say if you aren’t nervous, then you don’t care. So I’m always a little bit nervous, and if it’s a big show I’m usually a lot of bit nervous. But I find that the more nervous I am, the better the show goes actually!

Las Vegas Trend - Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Adara Rae - We are always striving for more. The ultimate goal right now would be to get picked up as a support act for a larger act so we can start reaching bigger crowds. But overall I just want to keep growing, be further than we were the year before, I’m ok with slow growth as long as it’s steady!

Las Vegas Trend - This question is for all of you. What is the best part about being in Adara Rae & the Homewreckers?
Casey Hadland - Working with Adara is great really, getting to work with a band leader who is open to creative ideas and is so driven has really been what’s best for me. Plus the music is alright too I guess ;)
Seth Murzyn - Playing in “Adara Rae & The Homewreckers” is great for many reasons. I personally get to play multiple instruments, which is always fun! It is also a band that is continuously driving forward, always seeking to do more, play better, and reach more people.
David Velasco - I love how the band comes together to work when Adara brings us a new song she’s written. My favorite part of being in the band is the caliber of my band mates and as a group we make these songs ready for performance. It’s not always an easy process but each of us contribute ideas that end up in the final live arrangement, that’s what is so special about being a “homewrecker”.
Adara Rae - I’m very blessed to be surrounded by these amazing musicians who not only can contribute their talents towards making my songs better than I could have ever imagined, but they also believe in me and what I am doing. It’s one thing to be a part of a group of amazing musicians but it is even better to be a part of a group of overall amazing humans.

Las Vegas Trend - Is there any new tours or new music coming?
Adara Rae - We have our biggest tour yet coming up this July, we’ll be hitting cities all the way up and down the west coast and the next album is absolutely in the works!

Las Vegas Trend - What advice can you give those who are trying to make it in this business?
Adara Rae - I know it’s super cliche to say “believe in yourself” but it’s so true, especially in this business. At the end of the day nobody is going to believe in you like you believe in yourself. If you feel like you have something to say, or a message to send lyrically or musically, odds are someone else out there is going to agree with you and be touched by what you’ve done. Everyone is going to have an opinion. I find for me it’s all about focusing on the many positive comments that come our way rather than letting the very few negative ones outweigh them.

Las Vegas Trend - We wish you guys nothing but success in the future! Any final words or shout outs?
Adara Rae - Thanks guys! We love Las Vegas! We will be back this summer so make sure to look out for tour dates on our site and check out our debut album “Here Comes The Music” on iTunes and Spotify!